Switching to electronic cigarettes

Being Human!

One of the worst things about being human is how hard it is to quit doing things, even when you know they’re bad for you!! Knowing that I shouldn’t eat another takeaway is rarely enough to keep me away when they are my favourites, and the horror stories were never enough to keep me away from trying out things like cigarettes. Starting out can be harmless, but it is pretty amazing how quickly things can reach a stage where stopping feels impossible.

I am really grateful that there are products on the market these days to help people like me quit. I can’t imagine what it would have been like years ago, before we came up with better ways to ease the process and the pain of the whole thing. It’s hard to completely get around feeling a little grumpy at giving up something that has basically become a constant companion in life, but at least there are little tricks and tools out there that you can use to avoid going mad from missing out on the nicotine itself.

Gums, patches and all that..

I suppose some people do just fine with gums and patches that help quell the addictive cravings. That wasn’t enough for me. I learned pretty fast that it wasn’t just about the chemicals in my case. It was also about the entire ritual that you go through in order to smoke a cigarette. The act of getting the pack out, tapping it against a table to pop one loose, and then lighting up could be as soothing as the actual act of inhaling the smoke itself. It was all a part of a process that had become my way of handling things when I was stressed out or I had no idea what else to do with my hands.

Getting an electronic cigarette went a long way toward solving that need for me. It became something that I could fiddle with when that was what I needed. I could pop it in and out of a case and play with it a little between my fingers before I actually went ahead and got ready to use it. Having it around became a great source of reassurance that I had everything I needed to make it through the day, even when I wasn’t actually using it for vaping. I’m not entirely proud of needing that kind of crutch, but I guess it’s better to admit it and turn it to my advantage than to try to fight it and end up failing.

Ecigs actually do work

It wasn’t an instant process for me. I still smoked cigarettes for a little while longer and just mixed the e-liquid I bought from uk-eliquid.co.uk and my Ecigarette Vaper electronic cigarette into my routine. As I began to get used to how to use it and it became automatic, though, I really appreciated how much easier it was to use. I hardly ever had to think about how much I had left, since my e-liquid seemed to last so long. A little at a time I actually found myself naturally reaching for it, even when I had my old standby cigarettes sitting in my bag. The day that I realized that I hadn’t touched them in days was a triumph.