Stop Smoking – Start Repairing!

An electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoking and does not contain tar. Tar is the toxic part of smoke a regular cigarette. It can eventually lead to damaging the smoker’s lungs. Some people who are trying to quit smoking prefer replacing the habit with an e-cigarette because it tastes like a real cigarette.

Stop Smoking - Start Repairing!

There are several parts to e-cigarettes, such as an atomizer, liquid nicotine and a rechargeable battery. The smoker sucks on one end and absorbs the liquid nicotine, which is called vaping. It appears that smoke is coming out, but is really a large water vapour cloud. Vapours do not contain tobacco, which is the reason for no tar.

Quitting smoking is a hard habit to break. Many people try different methods before finding a solution, such as patches, gum and counseling. These methods work for some people, but others never quit smoking. On the other hand, some people are using e-cigarettes to get over the addiction.

This method works by puffing on the vapour every time you get the urge to smoke to get a taste of the nicotine. Most people have a hard time quitting because the addiction is mental. Some people are addicted to the familiar sensation of bringing a cigarette up to the mouth. However, the vapour can help a smoker to cut back on smoking.

Making the big switch

Making the switch can decrease smokers’ expenses by half. E-cigarette cartridges can be used several times before needing to be replaced. They also use rechargeable batteries, which allows for smoking one at any time.

An e-liquid is another type of vapour that contains nicotine. It is safe to consume and enjoyed with flavour cartridges. This brand is the best kind for people who enjoy mixing flavour cartridges. Smokers can order nicotine and add it to different flavour concoctions. This type of vapour allows for controlling the nicotine amounts.

Vapours create an odourless water steam that disappears within a few seconds. They can be enjoyed outside or indoors without offending or harming other people. Everyone agrees that vapours are safer than a regular cigarette. It is believed that using vapours reduces the harm of smoking. Some people are against this method because it looks like smoking. However, it is important to remember that e-cigs do not contain the same toxic chemicals.

It is really not known how safe or effective vapours are because they are not linked to a pharmaceutical company or FDA approved. On the other hand, this method seems to work because it is similar to actually smoking. Smoking is more than a physical addiction but can be mental as well. What I would also do is check out the Ecita website as it has some real truths from a Scientific background on electronic cigarettes.

An ecig offers what a smoker wants!

Finally, we’re starting to see some positive press on ecigs. To be honest, when I say ‘positive press’, I mean more objective, and not somebody with their head up their ar*se, peddling the agenda of the big pharma and tobacco companies, who I am sure are terrified of ecigs!

Smokers enjoy the inhaling, holding on to it, going through the motions, the social aspects or the act of smoking. People are drawn to e-cigs because of being able to carry out the same motions. Smokers want to quit because of the health problems, but may find it hard to stick to any of the traditional methods. An electronic cigarette offers smoking behaviour and satisfies the craving for nicotine.