How much money you waste on smoking is pretty shocking

To prove my point, here’s an entry from my blog 13 months ago…

I have been complaining lately about never seeming to have enough money to do the things I want to do. I would like to redo my bedroom for one thing. So today I was sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself because I work so much yet still struggle to make ends meet and have very little left over for anything else. Then I had a clear moment when I realized how much I spent on smoking. Cigarettes are expensive. Then when you factor in how bad they are for you, I actually feel angry with myself that I continue to spend over £7 a pack for these things.

I am spending £14 per day on cigarettes. That is nearly a hundred quid per week. If I didn’t smoke for two weeks, that would pay my internet for the year. If I didn’t smoke for a month, I could also pay the mortgage.

I could save over £5k a year. I could take a few weekend trips with that money. If I had saved the money that I spent on smoking over the ten years that I have been smoking I would now have saved fifty grand. That is a lot of money. I could be using that money to put a down payment on a house.

My wife smokes too so we have actually spent more than twice the amounts I have figured out. She smokes two packs a day. He is spending £14 too! So together we spend £28 each day. That’s f**** ridiculous! We might as well just throw that money in the bin!!! At least it would be healthier for us!!!

Taking the time to figure all this out has made me feel determined. Determined to quit smoking. I know that it will not be easy but this is ridiculous. I am wasting my money on something that is bad for me and bad for my family. It makes my clothing smell terrible, it dirties the walls, ceilings and windows of my home. Yet day after day I run out to the store to buy cigarettes.

My money is going to go where it will do something good for our life. Of course it will be hard to give up, but I am going to keep these figures on what I spend in mind. For £28 a day I could go out for dinner and not have to cook. I could pay someone to cut the grass. I could send my grumpy bloody dog to the groomer instead of grooming him myself.

When you go to the newsagent to buy a pack of cigarettes, I don’t think that most people take the time to think about the amount of money they are spending. It is a habit. Not a lot of thought goes into it, it is just a normal part of the day. If smokers took the time to add up all of the money that they are spending and have spent over the years, they would be just as shocked as I was.

Everyone who smokes should figure out what they spend. Then figure out what you could do with that money. Especially if you are like me and feel like you cannot afford the things that you want. It may not be that you cannot afford them, you may have plenty of money that is all being spent on cigarettes. Think about ways this money could be better spent.